#GunCrisis Solution of the Day: Philadelphia Mayor Nutter promotes “Sandy Hook Principles” to demand responsible corporate behavior by gun and ammunition manufacturers

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Newsworks.org: Nutter calls for divestment from gun companies if they don’t reform their business

Earlier this week, Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced the Sandy Hook Principles, a code intended to influence the corporate behavior of gun and ammunition manufacturers, distributors and retailers by establishing baseline standards for responsible conduct. The Principles address five specific categories of reform in terms of procedures, coordination management, safety, and technology.

Nutter modeled the code on the Sullivan Principles, put together by Philadelphia’s Rev. Leon Sullivan to get companies doing business in South Africa during Apartheid to reform their conduct, according to newsworks.org, quoting Nutter:

“Philadelphia was one of the first pension funds to divest with companies doing business in South Africa. We saw that movement going across this country, in virtually every big city, some states and other investment fund managers took action.”

The list of 20 principles includes stopping the sale, production, design, and conversion of assault weapons for use by civilians, and conducting background checks for all gun and ammunition sales or transfers, according to philadelphia.cbslocal.com, adding that the mayor is asking all cities, states, and institutions that hold investments with companies involved in the firearms business to adopt the Sandy Hook Principles and make those companies do the same.

Today at philly.com, Patrick Kerkstra posted “a few thoughts on Nutter’s novel new gun control initiative:”

This is an untested idea, and it’s not at all clear that it will work. But it seems to me to have a better chance than clearly illegal legislation or another speech about inner-city violence from another mayor trying to reach suburban and rural Americans who just aren’t listening.

Read the complete City of Philadelphia press release: MAYOR NUTTER PROPOSES ADOPTION OF SANDY HOOK PRINCIPLES

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