This American Life: Comparing war trauma with urban violence in Philadelphia

In the latest episode of This American Life, Doppelgängers, author and producer Alex Kotlowitz looks into the Healing Hurt People program at Drexel University in Philadelphia “where guys from the inner city get counseling for PTSD,” and wondered if the effect of urban violence was comparable to the trauma that a person experiences from war.

Kotlowitz talks to a military vet from Afghanistan and a guy from Philadelphia who’s lived in some pretty bad neighborhoods to find out if they are doubles of some sort. Alex’s is the author of the book There are No Children Here and producer of the documentary film The Interrupters.”

Jump to 32:30 on the timeline to get to the PTSD report. The first half of the program in an entertaining but completely unrelated discussion between Ira Glass and Fred Armisen.

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