Dueling Ideas on Gun Control in Harrisburg

Last week, hundreds of people gathered inside the Capitol rotunda in Harrisburg to call for sensible gun laws in Pennsylvania. The rally was organized by CeasefirePA, a coalition of gun violence survivors and advocates against the flow of illegal firearms.

The mothers spoke first. “I’m here today because my poor precious son Ryan, who you see here, is gone,” said Mary Beth Hacke of Pittsburgh. A young woman standing next to her, lips pursed and eyes cast downward, held a picture of a baby’s face. Ryan was 14 months old when he was shot while in a parked car at a gas station.

“My youngest son was shot and killed,” said Fay Dawson. Her son, Vincent Michael Woodson, was shot and killed outside a party in 2005.

Another woman took the podium. “Up until last year, I had three sons,” said Lisa Haver. When he was 24 years old, Haver’s son Daren was shot four times at close range. He survived a quadriplegic and died December, 2011. She held a photo of her son as she spoke. <more>

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Editor’s Note: This is the first installment in a new collaboration between GunCrisis.org and philadelphiaweekly.com. When we launched the Gun Crisis Reporting Project last March, Philadelphia Weekly Senior Writer Tara Murtha reported on our efforts, and soon after was invited to join our small team of award-winning journalists.

Tara has been contributing content, covering City Council, scanning social media, planning community events and helping to steer our organization. Now, she will be blogging on gun violence each week at philadelphiaweekly.com, and we will be sharing those posts here.