Mothers in Charge to host national confernece in violence prevention

Mothers In Charge, Philadelphia’s esteemed violence prevention, education and intervention organization, has announced plans to mark their upcoming 10-year anniversary by hosting their first National Conference on Violence Prevention/Behavioral Health on May 6-9th, 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel.

Something powerful is shifting in our national dialogue about gun violence and behavioral health. In our grief, we are that much more determined to make a change here in Philadelphia by stopping senseless violence and supporting the victim’s families in the wake of such violence.”

The community will also gather for a 10th Anniversary Commencement of Peace Gala. Learn more about Mothers in Charge, including founder Dorothy Johnson-Speight‘s recent visit to the White House — at their brilliant new web site:

Mother of slain police officer Moses Walker, Wayne Walker, facing away from camera,  is comforted by Dorothy Johnson-Speight, right. during a march to the Cecil B. Moore Avenue location of her son's murder on Wednesday

Mothers in Charge founder Dorothy Johnson-Speight, right, embraces Wayne Walker, mother of murdered Philadelphia Police Officer Moses Walker, Jr., last summer in North Philadelphia. Joseph Kaczmarek photographed the memorial peace walk for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project.