Child brings .357 Magnum to school just blocks from Biden gun safety event

For the second time in a week, a gun has been recovered from a 7-year-old who brought it to his Philadelphia elementary school, marking the fourth incident where a gun turned up in a school since September.

Police recovered a .357 Magnum after the child was reported to have been showing it off over breakfast at the John F. Reynolds Elementary School at 24th and Jefferson streets in North Philadelphia.

The school is located only a few blocks from gun safety roundtable led by Vice President Joe Biden just a few hours later.

Officials say other students notified school police who retrieved the 7-year-old and ushered him to the office where the gun was recovered and secured, according to 6ABCNBC10 says that the student has been suspended pending an investigation, according to the School District.

Monday’s incident marked the second time in a week that a Philadelphia student had brought a loaded firearm to school, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. A 7-year-old boy found a loaded revolver in his book bag Thursday at Samuel Daroff Charter School in West Philadelphia, authorities said.

There have been at least two other reports of guns at schools since September, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. On Jan. 11, a 21-year-old woman was arrested at South Philadelphia High with a loaded gun in a baby’s diaper bag. The same day, a ninth-grader at Benjamin Franklin High was caught trying to smuggle a gun into the school in his shoe.