Press release: Philadelphia faith community responds to “rising tide of gun violence” and recent shooting in West Philadelphia

Stating that “too many of our families, neighbors and communities are suffering from the ravages of gun violence,” Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Partners to End Gun Violence and Heeding God’s Call are leading a “call to action and public witness” Sunday at 5:15 p.m. at South Yewdall and Catherine Streets, between 54th and 55th in West Philadelphia.

The event is intended express opposition to gun violence in our communities, “to end the movement of illegal guns from local gun shops to city streets and the criminal market and to pray and grieve over the shooting death of 37-year old Jennifer Fitzpatrick.”

The victim was among two killed and four wounded across Philadelphia one day last month:

Fitzpatrick, a mother of four, was killed in front of her son, according to Police captured a suspect a short time later, according to 6ABC.

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