#GunCrisis in the news: Discussing solutions on MSNBC

After embedded ad from MSNBC:

Martin Bashir invited me to discuss GunCrisis.org and solutions to gun violence during this segment Monday afternoon on MSNBC.

I cited our primary mission, to fill the gaps in gun violence reporting, seeking not to blame but contending that there is an epidemic of homicide by gunfire in Philadelphia and similar cities — and seeking solutions.

As I mentioned in Monday’s anniversary report, we also participate in community events, collaborate with students, scholars and public officials — and provide support services to other gun violence reduction organizations, while serving hundreds of thousands of page views to visitors seeking more information on violent incidents in our city and beyond.

Had today’s segment not passed so quickly, I would have named every member of our generous volunteer team of award winning journalists and other professionals, and I would have thanked our growing network of students, scholars, public officials and other groups working to stop the shooting in our magnificent city.

We have earned a great deal of media attention during our first year online, but it’s going to take more support to sustain our movement and make a difference.

The Gun Crisis Reporting Project was recently invited to join the startup incubator at Resources for Human Develpment, and we now have the ability to accept tax-deductible contributions. Please help us help Philadelphia stop the shooting.