Emergency room makes compelling classroom for students seeking solutions to gun violence


Temple University Hospital treats more than 500 gunshot patients each year in Philadelphia, where shootings are the leading cause of death for African American children.

Swarthmore College students visited Temple’s emergency room — kept unusually warm in expectation of patients who may be suffering blood loss — on Tuesday with the hospital’s Trauma Outreach Coordinator Scott Charles, who also leads their Cradle to Grave program.

According to cradletograveprogram.com:

Aimed at the at-risk youth who stand the greatest chance of becoming either the perpetrators or victims of violence, this free two-hour program brings teens into our hospital trauma bays and uses real-life (and death) scenarios to educate them about the physical and emotional realities of gun violence.

During their experience, young people are allowed to step into the shoes of a real life teenager, Lamont Adams, and follow his journey from his birth in North Philadelphia to the events that would ultimately claim his life just 16 short years later.

Cradle to Grave has recently been covered in the New York Times and on CNN.

The students are participating in the Peace Studies and Action Course which has been collaborating with the Gun Crisis Reporting Project this semester.

Next week, Swarthmore is hosting “GunCrisis.Org: Seeking Solutions to Gun Violence in Philadelphia with Digital Journalism.”

Are you ready to become part of the solution? Several gun violence prevention events are scheduled in Philadelphia this week.

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