More reporting honors for Murtha last week; more shooting victims last night

More reporting honors for Murtha last week; more shooting victims last night

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We recently reported that Gun Crisis partner Tara Murtha was honored — for the third time — for Distinguished Writing for her work at Philadelphia Weekly by the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association’s Keystone Press Awards.

We learned last week that she is a now finalist for a very important national award:
Mirror Award Finalist for Best Single Article, @TaraMurtha School
According to the  the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University:

“The Mirror Awards are the most important awards for honoring excellence in media industry reporting. The awards honor the reporters, editors and teams of writers who hold a mirror to their own industry for the public’s benefit.”
View the complete list of 2013 Mirror Award finalists:
S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications : Read News2013 Mirror Awards finalists announced The Newhouse School today announced the finalists in the 2013 noring excellence in media industry …
We barely knew Tara when she spotted and reached out just a few days after we launched in March 2012, and asked to spend some time on the street with us.

She was planning to write a column for Philadelphia Weekly about our efforts to reduce gun violence by first illuminating the problem — and then seeking and illuminating solutions. Seeking solutions to the epidemic of homicide by gunfire in Philadelphiaguncrisisorg
After just a few quiet hours htat night — with gunfire reports but no victims — we came upon the incident in this early Gun Crisis video report. When we dropped her off, Tara said she was going to pitch her story on us for the front page.

Here is her report, published in April, 2012:
How Two Photojournalists Are Taking on the City’s Gun Crisis | Cover Story | News and Opinion | Philadelphia WeeklyJim MacMillan doesn’t know what solutions will curb the gunfire crisis in Philadelphia, and he doesn’t yet know how to financially sustai…
A cascade of publicity followed and has not let up.

Soon after the PW report was published, we invited Tara to join us at the Gun Crisis project, where we now cross-publish her gun issues reporting from Philadelphia Weekly.

She plays a critical role in focusing our organizational development when we meet, but also organized an important Gun Crisis community roundtable at Philadelphia City Council last summer:
Full house gathers for #GunCrisis round table on community and media today at City Hall#GunCrisis: Philadelphia | #GunCrisis: PhiladelphiaWe had another full house for the second #GunCrisis round table discussion in the Philadelphia City Council Caucus Chamber today. Photos …
Of course, awards are good for moral in a volunteer organization and reaffirm our belief in this mission — and attention is currency in digital media — but you won’t find us celebrating before we can point to a sustained reduction in gun violence.

To that end, Tara was on the street overnight and into this morning with Gun Crisis partner Joe Kaczmarek — and tweeted what she saw:

Out with @GunCrisisNews on the scene of a shooting at 7th and Clearfield.Tara Murtha
Casings are from an AK-47. Two shot, Officer says looks like both will live. @GunCrisisNews Murtha
Report of gunfire. Heading over.Tara Murtha
Police radio says 1 deceased. #guncrisisTara Murtha
Looking at a dead body. Slumped behind the wheel of a car. 4 bullet holes in the window. @gunGunCrisisNewsTara Murtha
A man just learned his brother, 24, is dead. A woman screaming. @guncrisisnewsTara Murtha
Home from a night out in Philadelphia. Saw AK-47 casings. A 24yo man’s body riddled with bullets. His cousin break down. @GunCrisisNews.Tara Murtha
That’s 3 shootings tonight: 2 injuries w/ the AK-47. 1 dead. Then, report of another man elsewhere "hanging by a thread." #GunCrisisTara Murtha
Source at the scene said the victim was shot last summer. In the same parking lot. #GunCrisisTara Murtha
Source said the victim had 5 children. Victim had just fought w/ his friend so they weren’t speaking. Now he’s devastated. #GunCrisisTara Murtha
When I left, cops were trying to figure out how to remove the body from the car w/o upsetting friends and family watching. #GunCrisisTara Murtha
Learn more about the Gun Crisis Reporting Project at
#GunCrisis: Seeking solutions to the epidemic of homicide by gunfire in PhiladelphiaOn the average, at least one person has been murdered in Philadelphia every day over the last 25 years – and more than three-quarters of …

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