Man kills ex-wife with shotgun; dies in shootout with police, officials say

Feasterville Domestic Dispute HomicideInvestigators gather around the victim’s car on Bustleton Pike in Feasterville, Pa. Thursday evening after a man with a shotgun killed his former wife, just after she left a dress shop with her teenage daughter. Photographs for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project by Joseph Kaczmarek.

Feasterville Domestic Dispute HomicidePolice say the victim was sitting in her car with her 16-year-old daughter when 50-year-old Kenneth Phillip pulled up behind her, got out of his car with a shotgun and fired three rounds. The woman was killed and her daughter was injured with flying glass that resulted form the gunfire.

Phillip jumped back into his car and fled the scene to the intersection of Buck Road and Holland Road in Northampton Pa., where police say he stopped when he saw a patrol car following him.

According to police, Phillip fired his shotgun, striking an officer who returned fire and killed Phillip. Police say that the officer, a nine-year veteran in his 40s, was struck in his bulletproof vest but was taken to St. Mary Medical Center as a precaution. FOX 29 reported that the officer was released from the hospital not long after the shooting.

According to a report from CBS3, Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler says Phillip had just got out of county prison a few weeks ago, for a crime related to violent act against the victim. NBC10 reported that the suspect had been jailed for assaulting his ex-wife with a knife, according to police.

Investigators said Phillip had two ex-wives, according to, and it is not clear if the ex-wife killed Thursday was the same ex-wife who accused him of violating a protection from abuse order in November.

According to 6ABC, the woman had takes her daughter to the dress shop to pick up a prom dress.

Slideshow: In the first photograph below, two women watch from the dress shop which the victim had just left.
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In the last photograph, investigator’s gather around the suspect’s car.