Australian news team examines gun violence and reduction efforts in Philadelphia


Rob Hill of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation captures footage of a sidewalk memorial while reporting on gun violence in Philadelphia. Photographs for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project by Joseph Kaczmarek.

One of our strategies for impact at the Gun Crisis Reporting Project includes supporting other journalists and news organizations who seek solutions to gun violence.

Wylies Street Shooting

The Australian reporting team covered this fatal shooting scene in the Francisville section of Philadelphia.

Recently, Washington correspondent Lisa Millar of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and video journalist Rob Hill came to Philadelphia, spending two nights on the street with Gun Crisis partner Joseph Kaczmarek to get a look at the challenge.

The ABC team also met with many of the individuals working directly to reduce violence in our city, including Dorothy Johnson-Speight of Mothers in Charge, Marla Davis Bellamy of Philadelphia Ceasefire, Dr. Amy Goldberg and Scott Charles of the Cradle to Grave Program at Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia Managing Director Rich Negrin, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, and more.

Wylie Street Shooting

Lisa Millar interviews Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small at the fatal shooting scene in the Francisville section of the city.

Millar also attended a discussion of grassroots gun violence solutions with us in Southwest Philadelphia.  Like two Gun Crisis partners, Millar is also a Dart Center Ochberg Fellow, part of a community of journalists striving improve reporting on violence, conflict and tragedy.

Rob Mill mounts a camera on Kaczmarek's car.

Rob Hill mounts a camera on Kaczmarek’s car.

We would like to thank the ABC team for their attention and will share links when the video report is produced and distributed.

Producer Dee Porter at the ABC in Washington was also instrumental in planning the coverage.

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