Documentary team takes cover during fatal shooting Friday in Kensington; reports on immediate aftermath

Kensington 1

A crowd gathers as a medic leans into the victim’s car after two men were shot, one fatally, Friday in Kensington. Photograph by Sarah Fry, This is Kensington.

On Saturday morning, we reported on a shooting that left one man dead and another wounded at about 6 p.m. Friday in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.

At the same time, two producers from an independent documentary project had been on scene as a gunman opened fire, took cover as the bullets flew and then captured photographs and video footage of the immediate aftermath.

Kensington 2R

The victim’s car comes to rest just after the shooting. Photograph by Sarah Fry, This is Kensington.

Sarah Fry and Brad Larrison were reporting for This is Kensington, and offered permission for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project to share what they produced.

Fry explains that their project “is focused on telling the stories of everyday people in Kensington, the good and the “bad” as some might call it,” and that this time they were caught “in the middle of this violence as it happened.”

Fry’s text accompanies a video that the team published online Saturday:

“Then four pops, but I wasn’t really counting. Instantly they registered as gunshots.”

“The driver hits the van that I am crouching next to for cover, right in front of me, not two feet away. His head smashes into the window and there is smoke everywhere. Music is still playing loudly from the car.”

Fry explains in their report that she and Larrison had met a neighbor and his children, who were also caught up in the incident:

“The four-year old girl with the birthday hat is screaming, panicked, crying for her father.”

As we previously reported, police said the officers who witnessed the shooting were in a marked car and in uniform right behind the suspect when he opened fire. According to officials, the shooter dropped his bike and fled but was captured following brief foot pursuit. Officers recovered a .38 caliber revolver that they say was discarded during the chase.

Latest: This is Kensington has removed the video at the request of the family.
Previous update: We have deleted our link to the video while we consider community reaction. Please feel free to voice your questions and concerns in the comments section below.

Kensington 3

Women react at the scene after the shooting. Photograph by Sarah Fry, This is Kensington.

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