Neighbors speak out on social media after quadruple shooting Wednesday night

Neighbors react to quadruple shooting

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Neighbors were especially vocal on social media after four people were shot in Southwest Philadelphia Wednesday night.
Damn 4 people just got shot at the corner of my blockKeeda_Story
First the news breaks.
They making south west hot right now. 4 people just got shotOmar
somebody got shot right around the corner from my house…this world is crazyselfmade_matt
Some expressed worry over loved ones.
4 f**king people got shot though and my little brother was just outside smhMyra Spinelli.
Others found out loved ones were worried about them.
@__sw96 yess girl im walkin home my mom bouta cry like where u at i said walkin in the door ..she like they shootin out here four ppl shotSarí
Many ask who got shot; as names are not quickly released.
Still Wondering Who Got Shot !CHOC__
SW : People Stay Shooting People Or Getting Shot , Man They CrazyCHOC__
Nobody ever thinks it makes any sense.
SMH RT @manny_royals4: Damn I hope ain’t nobody get shot that we know somebody just got shot up Elmwood just drove pass thereThe Get Bk
While some are more focused on young victims.
1 of the guys who got shot in southwest was only like 17. SmfhKimberly Dash
Others think it might be easier to understand at another time.
It’s not even summer yet and they shootin on my block PROM MAY 17th
Somebody always remembers to call for prayer.
Pray for those who got shot tonight in southwest #phillyHakeem
While others turn to humor.
I wonder how it feels to be shot…hmmm.. I’m a Google itKorean Jesus
Then, a call to do better:
We gotta do better “@NBCPhiladelphia: At least four people shot in Southwest Philly:”chamberlain.

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