NBC10 checks in on the Gun Crisis Reporting Project

Last week, NBC10’s Nefertiti Jaquez spent an evening with the Gun Crisis Reporting Project to look into our efforts to stop gun violence in Philadelphia.

View the video report, following an embedded commercial:

View the report at nbcphiladelphia.com: Philadelphia Group Takes Aim At Gun Violence

We won’t celebrate before we can point to sustained reductions in gun violence, but we find great encouragement in the abundance of media attention and journalism awards that have followed our volunteer staff of acclaimed journalists throughout the first 14 months of this endeavor.

Next week, we will have a report from an Australian network news team that recently came to Philadelphia and covered many of the groups working to reduce gun violence, including ours.

Follow us this summer as we strive to more clearly illuminate the cost of gun violence, those working to intervene and the search for solutions.

Please share your ideas to stop the shooting in our community by using the #phillypeaceplan hash tag when communicating on social media: http://guncrisis.org/phillypeaceplan/

The Gun Crisis Reporting Project is an award-winning, independent, nonprofit journalism community striving to illuminate the epidemic of homicide by gunfire in Philadelphia — and to find solutions.

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