Photojournalism honors continue for Kaczmarek, Gun Crisis team


Police come to the aid of a woman who was shot in North Philadelphia in April. This photograph by Joseph Kaczmarek of the Gun Crisis Reporting Project is among those honored in 2013 by the National Press Photographers Association.

At the Gun Crisis Reporting Project, we strive to illuminate the epidemic of gun violence, examine the groups and individuals working to find solutions and facilitate a conversation to reduce violence.

In the first step, we employ photojournalism as a tool to take you there, to see what we see everyday — and what too many of our fellow Philadelphians live with day after day, and year after year.

For work done so far in 2013, the National Press Photographers Association has recognized the Gun Crisis Reporting Project every month, with more combined spot news photography honors than every other news organization in our region, which includes six states and Washington, DC.

Joe Kaczmarek holds six of the 2013 awards, beginning with his coverage of a shooting just a few hours into the new year.

We won’t celebrate before we can point to a sustained reduction in gun violence, but we strive to honor every victim through our work, believe that these accolades amplify our call to action, and plan to continue until we can bring about change.

Slideshow: Gun Crisis photojournalism honored in 2013:
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Veronica Jackson is overcome with grief at the scene after her brother Gregory Scott was shot and killed in front of his West Philadelphia home in February. Joseph Kaczmarek covered the scene for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project.

NPPA 2013 awards to date:
April, 1st Place, Joseph Kaczmarek
April, 2nd Place, Kaczmarek
March, 1st Place, Kaczmarek
March, 2nd Place, Tom Kelly IV
February, 2nd Place, Kaczmarek
February, 3rd Place, Kaczmarek
January, 3rd Place, Kaczmarek