Quiet night follows ‘A Game of Peace’

1On Saturday, the Gun Crisis reporting team attended “A Game of Peace,” a basketball tournament organized at the Martin Luther King Recreation Center by Philadelphia Ceasefire, a public health violence-intervention program. Photographs for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project by Jim MacMillan.

The tournament was modeled after a program led by Cure Violence, formerly Chicago CeaseFire, which was correlated with reduced gun violence in that city’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood. Philadelphia CeaseFire’s Marla Davis-Bellamy says the local organization plans to organize more events.

2RAbout 100 people cheered on four teams wearing colorful “A Game of Peace” tee shirts while others cooked hot dogs, kept the music playing, painted children’s faces and led other activities. Philadelphia 76ers posters and other free items went quickly.

Lost Dreams on Canvas” — a mobile portrait exhibit of children who have been innocent victims of violence — was also on display at the tournament. Over 100 artists have donated their time and talent to paint over 400 portraits.


Finally, we stopped in on a homecoming block party for PJ Rainey, the 13-year-old girl who lost an eye to a stray bullet last week in North Philadelphia. PJ is still feeling camera-shy but we are happy to report that she looks terrific and spent the day playing basketball and laughing with friends and family.

We are also happy to report that Philadelphia got through Saturday night and into this Sunday morning with no gunshot victims reported, although one young man was wounded Saturday afternoon.

If you want to get involved in gun violence reduction in Philadelphia, please consider volunteering your time or making a donation to one of the organizations listed under our Network tab at the top of this site. If you would like us to add your group to our list, please email us at info@guncrisis.org.

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