Philadelphia Police turn to public for help finding gunmen in recent incidents

The Philadelphia Police department has released seven surveillance videos this month in hopes of identifying gunmen involved in one shooting several recent armed robberies.

View the videos below.

According to Wanted: Suspects for Robbery in the 22nd District: On June 11, 2013, at 12:28am, while the complainant, a 56 year-old male, was closing the gate to his store located at 2439 North 26th Street he was approached by two unknown males. Suspect #1 grabbed the complainant and forced him into the store while pointing a handgun, seconds later the 2nd suspect followed them inside the store. Once inside the suspects took an undisclosed amount of cash from the cash register and from the complainant’s residence then fled on foot in an unknown direction. Wanted: Suspects for Shooting/Aggravated Assault in the 17th District: On June 8, 2013, at 11:00pm, Police responded to the 1200 block of 15th street for a report of a shooting. When police they found the complainant, a 24 year-old male, suffering from gunshot wounds to his left thigh and buttock. A surveillance video system in the area captured the shooting depicting three suspects approaching the corner of 15th and Wharton Streets confronting the complainant. The suspects, who were all armed, began chasing the complainant on foot onto the 1200 block of 15th Street and firing multiple shots at the complainant. After the shooting the suspects fled on foot onto the 1600 block of Wharton Street. Wanted: Suspects for Robbery in the 24th District: On June 7, 2013, at 3:15pm, two unknown Hispanic males entered the Brito Mini Mart located 1558 East Lycoming Avenue on of which was armed with a handgun. When the suspects approach the counter suspect #1 pointed a handgun at the employee demanding money. When the employee opened the cash register, the suspect climbed on the counter taking money from the cash register drawer and from the employee. After taking $200 in cash, several t-shirts, Metro PCS cell phone and the employee’s wallet, both suspects fled on foot in an unknown direction. Wanted: Suspects for Robbery in the 7th District: On May 23, 2013, at 9:30am, two unknown males entered Tobacco Junction located at 8259 Bustleton Avenue. Suspect #1 who was armed with a gun approached the employee stating “don’t push the button”. The employee then pressed a panic button she was wearing around her neck at which time suspect #1 struck her in the head with the gun. After a failed robbery attempt both suspects fled the store on foot south on Bustleton Avenue. Wanted: Suspects for Robbery in the 15th District: On May 27, 2013, at 3:14am, two unknown males entered a 7-11 convenience store located at 5231 Harbison Avenue armed with a handgun. Once inside suspect #1 who was armed with the handgun approached the employee demanding money then walked to the front of the store acting as a look-out. Suspect #2 then went behind the counter taking an undisclosed amount of cash from the cash register and cigarettes. Both suspects fled on foot towards Betts Street. Wanted: Suspect for Robbery in the 14th District: On June 6, 2013, at 4:30pm, an unknown female entered a Cricket Cellular store located at 5618 Germantown Avenue, walked behind the counter and placed a large 10″ knife to the employee’s back and stated “don’t get in my way”. The suspect then took an undetermined amount of money from the cash register an numerous in-active cell phones from the counter placing them into a black over-sized bag. The suspect then fled the store south on Germantown Avenue from Chelten Avenue. Wanted: Suspects for Robbery in the 39th District: On May 28, 2013, at 4:20am, two unknown male approached the complainants, a 50 and 51 year-old males, on the 4100 block of Broad Street and asked the complainant’s for a cigarette. Suspect #2 then attempted to grab the complainant’s Gucci handbag but was unsuccessful. After the unsuccessful attempt at taking the complainants handbag suspect #2 then pulled a handgun demanding money and the complainant’s handbag. Suspect #1 (Daquan Williams who was observed on the 4000 block of Germantown Avenue a short time later and was arrested) attempted to open the complainant’s vehicle passenger side door at which time the complainant’s fled and called police.

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