Mayors group honors Philadelphia for reducing shootings with GunStat program

On Friday, the Philadelphia Managing Director‘s office distributed this video highlighting the city’s GunStat program, and describing how it “uses crime statistics to identify and monitor repeat offenders, better allocate resources and increase collaboration between city departments.”

Last week in Las Vegas, the US Conference of Mayors recognized Philadelphia with one of their City Livability Awards for progress made through the GunStat program, according to a city press release, adding:

In 2012 – the first year of implementation – there was a 25 % drop in gun crimes and a 56% drop in shooting victims in the targeted GunStat areas compared with the previous five year averages.  Comparable citywide statistics show a 9% and an 11% decrease in gun crimes and shooting victims, respectively.

City officials announced the launch of the GunStat program in 2012, with Philadelphia Police Commissioner Ramsey and District Attorney Williams co-chairing the collaborative effort to reduce gun violence using data-based tracking of gun violence, focusing on targeted high violence areas, explaining that:

Gun Stat is an enhancement to the crime analysis work the Police Department is already using. It is designed after the Crime Briefings strategy from 2008. It will focus on identifying violent offenders, gun crimes, arrests and results through the court system. It will facilitate better tracking of persons on probation or parole. Criminal justice, law enforcement and community partners, including Probation, Parole and Prisons, will assist in the Gun Stat program.

So far throughout 2013, Philadelphia Police statistics have shown year-to-year homicide reports down by about 40 percent, and a new report from the Philadelphia Inquirer shows the city on pace for the lowest midyear total in nearly half a century.

At the same time, persisitent gun violence continues to wound and kill Philadelphians nearly every day. In May, the Gun Crisis Reporting Project tracked 131 shooting victims across the city.

If you want to get involved in gun violence reduction in Philadelphia, please consider volunteering your time or making a donation to one of the organizations listed under our Network tab at the top of this site. If you would like us to add your group to our list, please email us at

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