We’re listening: What happened on the Parkway Thursday night?

What prompted this panic on the Ben Franklin Parkway last night? More social media reports: Twitter, YouTube users report gunfire during “Welcome America” fireworks


Hundreds of people shared social media posts reporting gunfire and a human stampede on the Ben Franklin Parkway during Philadelphia’s Fourth of July fireworks Thursday night, although no shooting victims were reported.

Several users are explicitly asking why they can find so little news media reporting, and GunCrisis.org is struggling today with thousands of visitors seeking more information every hour — as our incoming search terms indicate, at right.

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NBC 10 is now reporting that investigators say someone fired a BB gun into the crowd.

UPDATE: Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison says someone lit the firecracker and threw it to the ground, causing some people in the crowd to run, according to an Associated Press report, adding that Gillison says a couple of people fell to the ground.

Witnesses to the chaos last night are also responding to a Philadelphia Police Facebook post about children who were lost during the incident.

Residents have voiced confusion over distinguishing gunshots from fireworks in the past, but previous incidents were also reported on the Parkway during Fourth of July celebrations in 2011 and 2012.

Meanwhile, there has been no shortage of shooting victims in other sections of the city during recent months. (May, June, July)

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