Have you been affected by gun violence? Raise your voice — and share your story with our community

We are launching a new program at GunCrisis.org, inviting victims, survivors, and witnesses of gun violence to share their stories and voices with our online community.

Note: You should always dial 911 immediately, in the event of an emergency or if you witness a crime.

But if you think more people need to know, or if you just want to share your experience, please consider leaving a message on our voice mail line at (215) 882-9867.

First, tell us your name, the neighborhood or municipality where you reside, and tell us your story. (Sharing your age is optional, but please confirm that you are 18 or over.)

Just tell us what you saw, what you heard and perhaps what you remember feeling, during and after the event if you like. We may post it as we have the example below.

If you have ideas for reducing gun violence, we would like to hear those as well.

Do not share your phone number or any personal information that you would not want us to share on our site. You should know that Caller ID reveals your number to us, but we will not publish it.

Here is an example, from responses we invited after one recent incident:

Witness account from Parkway incident in Philadelphia on the Fourth of July, 2013

Background: On the Fourth of July, staffers from the Gun Crisis Reporting Project monitored Philadelphia Police radio traffic related to a disturbance on the Ben Franklin Parkway during the city’s annual fireworks display.

Next, we found hundreds of social media reports from individuals on location who seemed to believe they had heard gunfire and reported witnessing a stampede of panicked revelers — although no gunshot victims were reported this year.

On July 5th, an unprecedented volume of visitors came to GunCrisis.org, on the order of 15 times our usual traffic, and more than four times our previous maximum. Incoming search terms revealed that thousands of people were coming to our site looking for more information on the incident.

This knowledge, and a series of emerging YouTube videos, led us to invite visitors to share their experience on our voice mail line.

Please consider sharing your story from this incident or any other. Thank you.

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