Two men shot next to homicide memorial; six more wounded across Philadelphia

Ditman Street Double ShootingA police investigator marks evidence at the scene Friday night after two young men were shot next to the memorial for a teen killed earlier this week in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. Photographs for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project by Joseph Kaczmarek.

Eight men were wounded in six separate shooting incidents reported across Philadelphia in the span of about 12 hours beginning Friday afternoon.

Ditman Street Double ShootingIn Frankford, police say that they responded to gunfire on Ditman Street near Bridge Street shortly before 8 p.m. and found two young men wounded.

Officers rushed a 21-year-old with a leg wound to the Aria Heath Torresdale Campus and an 18-year-old with a foot wound to the Aria Heath Frankford Campus. Both victims were reported in stable condition.

As we reported earlier this week, a 19-year-old man was shot to death on the same spot Monday afternoon.

Slideshow: Police investigate double shooting in Frankford. Photographs for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project earlier this week.[slideshow_deploy id=’14527′]

A 22-year-old man was reported in stable condition at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania after he was shot in the back three times on South 13th Street near Dickinson in at about 3:45 p.m. Friday in South Philadelphia. A 28-year-old man was reported in stable condition at Methodist Hospital with a grazing head wound from the same incident.

Shortly after 11 p.m., gunfire broke out and wounded a 39-year-old man inside a bar on Haverford Avenue near 51st Street in West Philadelphia. Medics rushed the victim to HUP, where he was repotted in stable condition with a leg wound.

Medics rushed a 41-year-old man to HUP, where he was reported stable with a leg wound after a shooting incident on Market Street near 60th Street, shortly before midnight in West Philadelphia.

Police rushed a 24-year-old shooting victim to Temple University Hospital, where he was reported in stable condition with a shoulder wound after an incident reported shortly before 12:30 a.m. Saturday inside a bar on O Street in Juniata Park section of the city.

Finally, a 20-year-old man was reported in stable condition at Hahnemann University Hospital after he was shot in the leg shortly after 4 a.m. on North 29th Street near Girard Avenue in Brewerytown.

We can’t find any local media reports on any of these eight shooting victims. But you can follow @GunCrisisNews on Twitter for the latest gun violence reports from the Philadelphia region, and follow @GunrisisUS for national incidents and issues.

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19 thoughts

    • The text explained what happened but the headline has now been updated for clarity. Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Apparently, in the quest to “seek solutions”, it is absolutely forbidden
    and off-limits to note that practically all of this violence in
    Philadelphia is perpetrated by Black males age 15 – 30. If you suggest
    that the violence may, just may, be the result of Black biology and an
    in-born tendency towards sadistic violence, and not the fault of schools,
    or ‘racist’ Whites, or “the system”, then you’re an evil White
    supremacist. We all know that Mother Nature perfectly adheres to liberal
    utopianism, and ‘Everyone Is The Same’ (TM), with no in-born differences.

    May this corrupt, tyrannical, and deceitful system collapse as soon as possible.

  2. Yes, we believe that everyone is born equal. While the suffering may be segregated, the same can be said for neither the responsibility to end violence nor the opportunity to work toward peace.

    • You really believe in the silly “blank slate theory”? You’ve had a very narrow life experience, haven’t you?

      it’s called “Evolution” and it affects every single living entity on the planet–including humans. You are either lacking in intelligence or integrity if you believe otherwise.

  3. “Seeking solutions to the epidemic of homicide by gunfire in the City of Brotherly Love”

    Searching in all the wrong places, absolutely clueless or just lacking in integrity? I would hazard a guess that A) the guns are not flying about the street shooting all these (constantly) innocent victims and B) it is not high school children from Germany on holiday doing the shooting. So what does that leave? Swedish hooligans, disruptive teenagers from Smolensk or Lake Baikal, Unruly Innuit retirees? Throw a guess out there.

    • We are searching for programs showing evidence of efficacy in violence reduction and finding great promise in innovations coming from the fields of both public health and criminology. Please continue reading for more reports.

      • Searching for programs to spend more time, energy and millions of dollars on? Sorry, but you don’t get away with that. The problem is as glaring as a nuclear flash and there are solutions available if only people show some integrity and guts. Stop trying to find every excuse no matter how bizarre. The reason this problem exists to begin with is directly because of folks who will do everything they can to prevent those who behave badly from ever being held responsible. Please stop being part of the problem!

        • What if employing new solutions can save billions of dollars, as well as lives, in cities like Philadelphia? What if ignoring solutions costs more?

          • I have a perfect solution for you. Stop rewarding iniquity. Take a hard line. You don’t produce, you don’t get to consume. You have no interest in living within the law, you are offered no protection under the law. You want rights, you accept they come with duty. Problem solved.

            Stop feeding rats in the basement and wondering why the building is teetering on its foundations.

      • If you simultaneously care and have a clue, you will stop pretending that it’s such a foregone conclusion that gun laws have any positive effect. You will examine this issue from the top down. You will read scholarly works from John Lott and others, and you will have your own scientists analyze his data (which he has shared, unlike those with an axe to grind). You will be open to solutions like “stop paying ghetto teens to breed criminals who shoot people.”
        Regardless of what conclusions you come to, you will recognize the glaring disconnect between the demographics of legal gun owners and those of gun criminals. You will need to explain it scientifically, not emotionally.
        You think it’s obvious that more guns mean more gun crime. While emotionally satisfying, it’s in direct opposition to other emotionally satisfying platitudes, like “criminals are the only ones who don’t care about gun laws;” “gun-free zones are where most of the shootings take place;” “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”
        Routine Activity Theory is in direct opposition to your dogma. It states, simply, that most crimes occur in the confluence of 3 things: (1) a willing criminal; (2) an attractive target; and (3) the absence of any “guardian.” It’s hard to imagine that, even if the gun supply went to zero, that this would have much effect on the first one. It may make the supply of (2) go up, since a target is more attractive if it’s known to be soft. And similarly, (3) is reduced dramatically as well.
        Applying RAT to the problem may point you in the right direction; focusing on reducing the number of willing criminals would be a good use of your funds. Keep abortion free and legal; stop incentivizing unwed teen motherhood; provide cash and other incentives for long-term birth control use among ghetto denizens; focus on the “critical few” rather than the “trivial many” [Pareto].
        “Caring” is fine, but intelligence is needed too. Many of us care about abused pets and other animal abuses, but if we just take in all the abused animals, the puppy mills have an incentive to keep breeding irresponsibly. So the thinking person’s method of caring is to focus on shutting down puppy mills, neuter and spay feral dogs and cats, and try to reduce the number of sad stories overall.

  4. Wait. I have the answer!!! Let’s make guns illegal for the law-abiding THEN young blacks can stop shooting each other. Make sense?
    Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to ANYBODY else who has a lick of common sense, but just know that gun control has NOTHING to do with guns. It’s always about control.
    I am a law-abiding, hard-working and honest person who owns guns so I can protect my family and property from the very people who rob, rape and murder good people. Oddly enough, there seems to be a common theme for those who are victimizing good, law-abiding people, but somehow nobody wants to stand up and say the truth OR identify the REAL problem. So just remember this: facts beez all rayciss n’ sheeit, gnome sayin’?

    • Thanks for your thoughts, but if you follow this site closely, you will discover that we have never advocated for gun control. We advocate for solutions that everybody can get behind.

  5. It’s not a gun crisis, it’s a black people crisis. The only answer is to give them what Louis Farrakhan wants–their own homeland. We tried with the purchase of Liberia 200 years ago–most did not want to go back to Africa. And who can blame them?

    But, we could give them a state or two, compensate all non-blacks living there for their land and simply give it to the blacks–but they all must go. We could then give them, as foreign aid, the monies we now spend on Africa and we would all be better off.

  6. We don’t have a gun crisis.. we have a negro crisis.. the negro was not meant to have human rights and roam freely in human society.. Mass violence, shootings, death, despair, and murder are the results, everywhere negros live in the majority.. You CAN’T DENY that… and it’s NOT YT’s fault…

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