Media reports: Purse snatcher shoots man in North Philadelphia overnight

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One thought

  1. If you’re trying to help solve the problem, why aren’t you publishing a description of the perpetrators? I mean, there WAS a description of these dangerous criminals at large, right?

    Let’s see those links you provided and see what is happening with the case.

    “26-year-old Rasheed Hall and 20-year-old Clynton Brown were arrested shortly after the violent incident occurred…”

    Hmm. Let’s make some guesses about what people named “Rasheed” and “Clynton” usually look like. How come no descriptions of these dangerous criminals, Mr. MacMillan? This almost comes across as deliberate obfuscation.

    Filthydelphia has a crisis, all right, but it doesn’t have anything to do with guns, staplers, shoes, or any other type of inanimate object.

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