Children killed and wounded across US as shootings continue in 2014

More than 10,000 children in the US are killed or injured due to gun violence every year, according to a new study cited in a report from MSNBC. As notes, that amounts to more than one child shot every hour.

At the Gun Crisis Reporting Project, we have been tracking media reports of children killed or wounded across the US since the beginning of the year:

Alabama: MPD arrests suspect after 7-year-old shot
Arizona: Suburban Phoenix child shot when gun accidentally discharges
Arkansas: 3-year-old boy dies after gunshot wound to the head
California: 8th grader shot to death
California: Boy, 14, in critical condition after shooting
Washington: Boy, 13, fatally shot by juvenile friend
Chicago: Boy, 13, fatally shoots 16-year-old cousin in fight over Xbox
Chicago: 16-year-old boy killed
Chicago: Several shot, including girl, 17, on way to school
Chicago: Boy, 15, killed, 5 others injured
Chicago: Teen boy is latest fatality in shootings
Chicago: Teen girl shot on South Side
Chicago: 1 teen dead, 3 wounded at McDonald’s
Cleveland: Police pursue gunman after 5-year-old, mom shot
Delaware: Child robbed at gunpoint in Wilmington
Detroit: 4-year-old boy shot by 4-year-old cousin
Florida: Child shot riding bike in West Palm Beach
Florida: Tallahassee man facing murder charge in death of 16-year-old
Indiana: Teen found shot in car at gas station near Lawrence
Iowa: Teen steals car to drive to hospital after being robbed, shot in the leg
Kansas: Child, 10, accidentally shot in face
Louisiana: A man and his 2-year-old daughter were found shot to death
Louisiana: 16-year-old boy shot, killed in Old South Baton Rouge
Massachusetts: 6-year-old shot in backyard with BB gun
Michigan: 15-year-old charged after accidental shooting of 11-year-old
Milwaukee: Boy, 7, shot; police not notified for two days
Missouri: 6-Year-old child shot, rushed to hospital
Nebraska: Four accused in shooting death of girl, 5
Nevada: Juvenile hospitalized in overnight shooting
New Jersey: Father arrested in shooting of 2-year-old boy in Camden
New Jersey: 13-year-old boy killed, another teen wounded in Atlantic City
New Jersey: Bullet fired in drive by hits 1-year-old boy’s bedroom
North Carolina: Two men charged after baby girl accidentally shot, killed
North Carolina: 10-year-old student fatally shot
North Carolina: 4 shot, including children, outside church
North Carolina: 17-month-old shot by 3-year-old
Ohio: Girl, 11, shot and killed
Ohio: Brother indicted in slaying of teens
Ohio: Shooting critically injures 10-year-old boy
Pennsylvania: Lancaster man charged after shooting of 2-month-old daughter
Pennsylvania: Man shot teen who was ringing doorbells as a prank, police say
Philadelphia: One teen killed, three teens and two men wounded
Philadelphia: Two teens among six critically wounded in shooting incidents
Tennessee: Child shot by friend in Chattanooga
Texas: Nine-year-old girl hit by stray bullet while watching fireworks
Tennessee: Teen accidentally shot himself in head
Texas: 12-year-old boy shot
TexasChild Shot in Dallas Home Invasion
Utah: Police officer kills four family members, then himself
Washington: Boy, 13, fatally shot by juvenile friend
Wisconsin: 17-year-old Milwaukee boy shot, killed

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