Vigil illuminates lives lost as well as progress in Philadelphia

Slide show above: Service remembers Philadelphia homicide victims. Photographs by Melissa Kelly / Saint Joseph's University.

Last week, the Richard Johnson Center for Anti-Violence at Saint Joseph’s University hosted their 8th annual vigil to honor Philadelphia’s homicide victims -- in this case remembering the 247 people killed in 2013. Maria Kefalas, director of the center, pointed to the progress made since their first vigil, which called for 400 candles.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter remarked that the best way to end violence and poverty is to fund education, but also added that “nothing beats community engagement,” suggesting that citizens who become active in their neighborhoods can help change the mindset of a young person who might use a weapon to address a disagreement; to shoot and possibly kill another human being. Deputy Mayors Everett Gillison and Richard Negrin read the names of all 247 victims during the lighting ceremony.


Posted by Jim MacMillan.

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