#GunCrisis: Weekend live blog

We are experimenting with a new live blog structure this weekend, Please let us know what you think?

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#GunCrisis May 11, 20144:04 pm

Chicago: Shootings across city injure 9 overnight http://ow.ly/wIEth #guncrisis

#GunCrisis May 11, 20149:04 am

Saturday night in New Jersey: Noises mistaken for gunshots panicked shoppers and led to an evacuation at the Garden State Plaza mall. Officials said a car fire caused the sounds, according to nj.com: http://ow.ly/wIblF

#GunCrisis May 11, 20148:38 am

In New Jersey, friends and family of the late radio host April Kauffman feel like they have waited long enough and plan to start taking more action to have her killing solved, according to a report from pressofAtlanticCity.com: http://ow.ly/wI9HQ #guncrisis

#GunCrisis May 10, 20149:16 pm

6ABC just tweeted a photo of the car struck in a road rage shooting earlier this evening in Center City: https://twitter.com/6abc/status/465297580268584960/photo/1

#GunCrisis May 10, 20148:57 pm

A suspect has been arrested in connection with a shooting that wounded an 8-year-old boy in Pottstown Friday evening, according to philly.com: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/Man_arrested_in_shooting_of_child_in_Pottstown.html

#GunCrisis May 10, 20148:51 pm

A SWAT tean responded to the scene of a South Jersey shooting this evening, according to NBC10: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/SWAT-Team-Responds-to-South-Jersey-Shooting-258778501.html

#GunCrisis May 10, 20147:25 pm

Breaking: Police radio traffic indicates that the victim’s car has a bullet hole in the window, following road rage incident at Broad and Pine Streets in Center City. Police are searching for the shooter.

#GunCrisis May 10, 20147:22 pm

Police are investigating a report of gunfire at Broad and Pine Streets in Center City; possible road rage incident.

#GunCrisis May 10, 20147:19 pm

You can listen to Philadelphia Police radio traffic live online: http://guncrisis.org/philadelphia-police-radio/

Gun Crisis May 10, 20146:42 pm

In Central Pa.: A Lemoyne man was found shot inside home Friday evening: http://ow.ly/wHwkn

Gun Crisis May 10, 20146:40 pm

Police reported three people in custody after a gunpoint robbery in Lansdale, Pa., Friday afternoon: http://ow.ly/wHwmz

Gun Crisis May 10, 20146:39 pm

No shooting victims have been reported in Philadelphia since our latest post Saturday morning: http://guncrisis.org/2014/05/10/two-men-killed-in-north-philadelphia-child-wounded-in-chester-county/

Gun Crisis May 10, 20146:37 pm

We are experimenting with a new live blog structure this weekend, Please let us know what you think?