Temple University alerts community to latest shooting as gun violence persists around city campuses

Slide show above: Neighbors look on as police investigate a shooting Thursday night near Temple University. Get more information below. Photographs for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project by Joseph Kaczmarek.

We have now identified 12 incidents of gun violence near Temple University campuses in North Philadelphia since launching the Gun Crisis Reporting Project in March, 2012. One Temple student has been killed and another has been wounded in off-campus shootings in the city during the same period.

Last night:

A 20-year-old man was listed in stable condition at Temple University Hospital after he was shot twice around 10:30 p.m. Thursday in the area of North 11th and Norris Streets -- seen in the photos above -- on the edge of the main campus of Temple University.

According to investigators, police located several fired shell casings and a parked car which had been struck by a bullet. Police escorted passing civilians through the crime scene as a family living nearby brought their high school graduation party to an early conclusion.

Temple University sent alerts to the campus community:

Campus map:

The red pin indicates the location of Thursday night's shooting incident, at 11th and Norris Streets, on the northeast edge of Temple's main campus and also close to some of the incidents reported below.

Last month:

Last month, Temple University alerted their community to a gunpoint robbery about a block from the latest shooting scene.

One week earlier, the university posted an alert for gunfire in the same area:

According to news reports, a mother and son were visiting the university when a stray bullet shattered their car window, as we previously reported.


Last November, Temple tweeted an alert after another nearby shooting:

We also reported from the scene.

A few days earlier, Temple University alerted their communities overnight that campus police found a shooting victim near their hospital, as we previously reported.

An October 13th tweet from Temple advised readers to avoid an area on North Willington Street, just west of the main campus, due to “police activity.”

The Temple News later reported that a 17-hour standoff between police and an armed Temple student ended with the suspect being detained in safe condition, according to police.

On October 5th, Temple tweeted an advisory to avoid the area of a “non-TU-related shooting” investigation at 11th Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue, also close to the edge of the campus.

In August, a tweet from @TempleUniv advised avoiding the area of another shooting reported near TU Hospital.

A follow-up announcement added that no Temple students or personnel were involved, and included a description of the suspect. We also published a report from that scene.

Early on New Year's Day, a Temple student was killed in a triple shooting Tioga section of the city, according to The Temple News.


In September, 2012, a Temple University advisory reported on the off-campus shooting of a student.

In July 2012, Temple University posted an advisory after a 10-year-old child was shot in the leg at 11th and Norris Streets. We covered that scene as well.

Police said that a man fired at Temple security officers before he was wounded by police near the campus during an incident which we covered in June, 2012.

We also covered a triple shooting which left one man dead and two critically wounded in the spring of 2102 at 4th and Norris, six blocks from the edge of the campus.

More incidents around local campuses:

Earlier this week, students and staff were locked down inside the Community College of Philadelphia, after a person with a gun was reported on campus, as we reportedNBC10 posted video of SWAT officers evacuating students.

In April, we reported on a fatal shooting outside a restaurant near the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in West Philadelphia.

We also gathered news reports after one person was shot to death near the campus of Widener University in Chester, Pa. in April.

Posted by Jim MacMillan.

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