N. Randolph Street Police Discharge

Investigators process the crime scene on the 3200 block of N. Randolph Street in North Philadelphia, Sunday June 15, 2014, after two men were wounded by gunfire, one of them by an officer police said. According to police shortly before 3:30 p.m. officers in the area heard gunfire and when they arrived on the block two men were involved in a shootout and officers discharged their weapons striking one of the men in the shoulder, the other victim was not shot by police but was wounded in the first incident was listed in critical condition at Temple University Hospital. On the 3200 block of N. Fairhill Street police tape marked off an area around children’s toys and a kiddy pool where the one suspect had fled from police on foot after being shot and a police K9 unit searched for evidence. (For the Daily News/ Joseph Kaczmarek)

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