Daily Report: 07.03.14 — Armed robbery suspect captured

The moon sets over Philadelphia on Monday. Photograph for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project by Joseph Kaczmarek. Check in all day for the latest news. The most recent updates are at the top of the list below.

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#GunCrisis July 3, 20143:52 pm

GPS device leads police to suspect:

Philadelphia Police have charged a man with 10 robberies in recent months: http://ow.ly/yL5Dt

#GunCrisis July 3, 201410:43 am

Check your location:

Philadelphia Police have announced that new signs will help people find each other or direct emergency services if needed during the annual Fourth of July festival Friday night on the Ben Franklin Parkway: http://ow.ly/yKcnh

Two teens were wounded on the edge of the gathering in 2012: http://ow.ly/yKcGi

Last year, there were widespread reports of gunfire but no victims reports: http://ow.ly/yKd0D

#GunCrisis July 3, 201410:31 am

First check:

No shooting victims were reported overnight in Philadelphia. Two men were shot in separate incidents Wednesday: http://ow.ly/yKaEt