Thursday night: Lisa Ling and Our America look at activists fighting gun violence in Philadelphia

We couldn’t tell you sooner, but the staff of the Gun Crisis Reporting Project started collaborating almost 16 months ago with the documentary team that produces Our America with Lisa Ling on the Oprah Winfrey Network, or OWN.

This Thursday at 10 p.m., we’ll see the outcome:

Battling Philly’s Rampant Gun Violence

Since we launched in 2012, national and international news organizations — including CNN, ITN and even the Australian ABC — have reached out to us when coming to cover gun violence in Philadelphia.

We strive to dissuade them from adopting pejorative monikers such as Killadelphia or the Badlands — but we offer them every opportunity to engage the courageous groups and individuals working hard every day to stem gun violence in our city.

We can see from the trailer that they included members of Mothers in Charge and Philadelphia Ceasefire, as well as #GunCrisis founding partner Joseph Kaczmarek, but we’ll have to wait to see who else made the final cut.

lingLisa Ling in North Philadelphia with Gun Crisis staffers last summer.

Posted by Jim MacMillan.


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