This week: Communities coming out to stop the violence

Above: Mourners embrace Sunday in Nicetown, during a vigil to remember Terrance ‘T-Bird’ Cox, who was fatally wounded in a triple shooting last week. Photograph for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project by Joseph Kaczmarek.

Even with three four and five people shot in recent Philadelphia incidents, including a three-year-old girl who was fatally wounded in Grays Ferry, and the deaths of three more children after a gunpoint carjacking in North Philadelphia, we can’t find much local media reporting in advance of tonight’s National Night Out, “America’s Night Out Against Crime.”

But the community isn’t waiting to take action. According to a press release and poster distributed today by North Philadelphia’s Heritage CDC:

“Today, a neighborhood too often rattled by gunfire and crime, will come together in a schoolyard to take a stand against crime, bullying and gun violence. This community, fire and police partnership event will highlight the strength and positive power of working together to make a difference in our neighborhoods. The focus is PEACE, LOVE and UNITY in our community in protection of our children, elders and families. We will honor the memories of children and others who have been killed recently in our city. We will recruit volunteers for our new Town Watch group, issuing a call to action to be eyes and ears for good in our neighborhood.”

Not in North Philadelphia?

The Philly Police Blog has posted a long list National Night Out 2014 District and Community Events planned across the city.

Need an action plan? Come out Thursday:

Bilal Qayyum of the Father’s Day Rally Committee announced today that his organization and others will sponsor a rally at LOVE Park, Thursday, August 7 at 6 p.m. “to keep the issue of our children’s welfare at the top of this city’s agenda.”

According to Qayyum, the event will start with activists marching from three separate corners of the city, including 16th and Washington Avenue in South Philadelphia and Progress Plaza in North Philadelphia, with West Philadelphia marchers starting from 22nd and Market Streets.

“At Love Park, a rally will be held with speakers providing more information, and an action plan with proposed solutions will be presented” according to Qayyum, adding that “Too many our children are in harm’s way every day, and unless we take action now, many more will become victims of the violence of our communities.”

Qayyum identified other participating organizations as Ever Murder is Real RFP, Unity in the Community Philadelphia Town Watch One Day at a Time House of Umoja, Handbags for Peace, Philadelphia Action Network and PAAN.

(Please let us know if you have links for the groups not highlighted above. You can email us use the comments box below.)

Posted by Jim MacMillan.


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