Tonight in Rhawnhurst: Prayer vigil to end gun violence

Heeding God’s Call, a local faith-based movement, has announced a prayer vigil to end gun violence, scheduled for tonight, August 6th at 7:00 p.m., at the Rhawnhurst Presbyterian Church, at 7701 Loretto Avenue in the Rhawnhurst section of Northeast Philadelphia.

The event will also open the latest installation of the Memorial to the Lost, a public display which includes one tee shirt remembering each of the 201 citizens of Philadelphia killed by gun violence during 2013.

According to Heeding God’s Call: “Each shirt has the name, age, and date of death of one victim; a visceral reminder that there are real people behind the numbers.”

Organizers say that participants will walk through the display while praying tonight. The exhibit is scheduled to be on display through August 16th.

Photo at top of page: The previous year’s Memorial to the Lost Exhibit was installed at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill in January, 2013. Photograph for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project courtesy of Frances Schwabenland.

Posted by Jim MacMillan.


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