Three innocent bystanders among Juniata Park shooting victims

Neighbors gather outside as police investigate the scene where four people were shot late Saturday. Photographs for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project by Joseph Kaczmarek.

A 25-year-old man was reported in extremely critical condition after he was shot in the head while driving with his family past an active shooting scene late Saturday night, in the area of Whitaker and East Wyoming Avenues in the Juniata Park section of Philadelphia.

Police rushed the victim to Temple University Hospital, where he was listed in extremely critical condition, according to officials. The wounded man’s wife, six-year-old daughter and six-month-old baby —  who were also riding in the car — were not struck but appeared to be extremely disturbed by the experience, according to sources at the scene.

Police rushed two more innocent bystanders to Temple, where they were listed in stable condition after they were struck during the same incident, while riding in another passing car. A 44-year-old man was shot in the neck and a 35-year-old man suffered a grazing face wound.

According to police, an argument led to one man firing several shots in a driveway near the corner of Wyoming and Tampa Streets, striking another man as well.

Medic rushed that 23-year-old to Einstein Medical Center, where he was reported in stable condition with leg wounds. He was the intended target, accord to an NBC10 report.

Another bullet went into a nearby home with a family of three inside, but nobody was struck, according to a report from 6ABC.

Posted by Jim MacMillan.


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