Police data: Homicides spiked by 33 percent last month

The latest weekly report from the Philadelphia Police Department shows a 33 percent leap in homicides for the period ending August 3rd, when compared with the previous 28-day period. At the same time, homicides were still down four percent year-to-date, and total violent crime offenses were down by seven percent. You can view weekly updates directly as they are released online.

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According to the Philadelphia Police 2013 Murder/Shooting Analysis, 28 murders were reported in July of 2013, and the five-year monthly average for July was 27.

As of Monday morning, the Philadelphia Police Crime Maps and Stats page reported 149 homicides to date this year, compared with 152 at the same time last year, representing a two percent reduction.

At top of page: Police investigate a shooting which left one man dead and four people wounded late last month in the Feltonville section of Philadelphia. Photograph for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project by Joseph Kaczmarek. Posted by Jim MacMillan.

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