More than 2,000 gunpoint robberies reported this year in Philadelphia


Above: Weekly total gunpoint robberies reported this year in Philadelphia, according to police data.

Through the first three quarters of 2014, an average of 55 gunpoint robberies were reported each week in Philadelphia, including a total of 219 during the first three weeks of the year alone.

Altogether, 2,146 gunpoint robberies were reported during the first 39 weeks of 2014, according to calculations based on weekly 2014 Crime Stats Reports published by the Philadelphia Police.

That amounts to nearly eight incidents per day, or one every three hours. The week ending on March 2nd had the fewest reports, with 33, but weekly totals surpassed 60 through much of last month.

The images below were taken from surveillance videos posted by the Philadelphia Police, seeking to identify suspects wanted for robberies reported this year.

Watch the videos at

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