Designing #GunCrisis 2.0

Since launching the Gun Crisis Reporting Project in early 2012, we have been honored with media coverage, journalism accolades, community awards and an ever-expanding online community.

But most importantly, homicides decreased by 25 percent during the following year in Philadelphia.

We attribute that progress to the courageous leadership and hard work of community organizations and individuals, the police department, public health intervention workers, scholars and many more, but especially to the former shooters who have been brave enough to face the ramifications of their actions, put the guns down and seek nonviolent solutions to conflict.

But we also think we made a difference. In addition to our online reporting, we have been invited to participate in community events and to present at City Hall as well as numerous local colleges and universities. And strategic planning research conducted by Swarthmore College students confirmed that we have the attention of decision-makers in Philadelphia, including a handful who have communicated with us directly.

But we need to do more in order to produce greater results. We need to learn how to have more impact. And we need a better plan to sustain the organization financially.

Fortunately, the #GunCrisis team has been invited to participate among the cohort of fellows studying this fall with Philadelphia Social Innovations Lab — a program committed to promoting and nurturing innovation for social impact — at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government.


You can read our PSIL application responses — which we published last year — but you can also help guide us through the process from here.

We are especially concerned with discovering the best way to gather an even greater community of people focused in ending epidemic gun violence in Philadelphia.

Please share your ideas in the comments window or contact us directly via the email and voice mail links below.

Thank you and wish us luck!

Posted by Jim MacMillan.


If you need to find help or would like to lend your support, please look into the organizations listed under our Network tab at left. If you would like us to add your group to our list, please email us.

The Gun Crisis Reporting Project is an award-winning, independent, nonprofit journalism community striving to illuminate the epidemic of homicide by gunfire in Philadelphia — and to find solutions.

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