Listing those lost

File photo: Plastic crosses supported 331 T-shirts, naming every 2012 homicide victim in Philadelphia, when the Memorial of the Lost was first installed in Chestnut Hill in 2012. Photograph for the Gun Crisis Reporting Project courtesy of Frances Schwabenland.

Since beginning last spring, Edward Rhoads of Philadelphia has been compiling a list of those killed with guns in our city, based on information he finds by following media reports, including the Gun Crisis Reporting Project.

Rhoads, a retired professor of Chinese history at the University of Texas at Austin, took on the project at the request of the rector of his wife’s church, the Rev. Jarrett Kerbel of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Chestnut Hill. Each week, Kerbel lights a candle for each gun death in Philly.

In addition to other details, Rhoads also takes note of the names of those lost whenever possible, and a list of those he has been able to name to date is posted below, along with reported ages and the neighborhoods in which the victims were killed.

Even as we prepare to cease daily reporting at, we are planning to post the latest update to Rhoads’ spreadsheet each month:

• Find the list at
• Download latest 2013 spreadsheet: March – October, 2014
• Email corrections or additional information to directly to Rhoads.

Partial list of those lost to gunfire this year in Philadelphia:


Shareef Young, 31, in Frankford
Daquan Clentscale, 20, in Nicetown
Antonio Flores, 17, in Spring Garden
Rashul Isaacs, 28, in Grays Ferry
Hai Luu, in Logan


Jamara Stevens, 11, in Mantua
Omar Rodriguez, 28, in Crescentville
Timothy Car, 31, in University City
Clarence Quarles, 45, in West Oak Lane


Shaquille Hall, 21, in North Philadelphia
Dontae Brown, 27, in West Philadelphia
James Byrd, 52, in West Philadelphia
Devin Bullock, 20, in North Philadelphia
Machelle Nelson, 59, in East Germantown
Tites Kwenah, 17, in Kensington
Rashaun Lewis, 27, in North Philadelphia
Garrett Turner
David Hurd, 29 in East Germantown
Larry Branch, 49, in Kingsessing
Craig Thomas, 19, in Feltonville
William McCutchen, 22 in Point Breeze
Jonathan Perez, 22, in Feltonville
Shaquan Brown, 36, in North Philadelphia
Aaron Johnson, 24, in Carroll Park
Tyrek Connor, 25, in East Germantown
Rahim Carter, 32, in North Philadelphia
Andre Ayala, 24, in Swampoodle
Ronque D. Felton, 21, in Northern Liberties
Tyrese Hall, 24, in West Philadelphia


Troy Smith, 23, in Overbrook
Todd Riley, 43, in Feltonville
Maurice Owens, 27, in Strawberry Mansion
Rashon Berry, 26, in West Powelton
Moises Mora, 24, in Feltonville
Jameer Hynesworth, 16, in Ludlow
Donte Johnson, 24, in Franklinville
Trashawn Anderson, 21, in West Oak Lane
George Batty, 47, in Mayfair
Malik Carter, 289, in West Philadelphia
Eugene Connelly, 28 , in Nicetown
Allen Berry, Jr., 24, in Nicetown-Tioga
Anthonio Pedroza , 32, in Fairhill
Robert Knight, 34, in Frankford


Dyia Alexis, 21, in Overbrook
Allen Young, 56, in Oxford Circle
Thomas Fields, 47, in East Germantown
John Mapp, 40, in West Philadelphia
Elisha Bull, 20, in Feltonville
Terrance “Bird” Cox, 25, in Nicetown


Tynirah Borum, 3, in Grays Ferry
Aimee Jo Girard, 26, in South Philadelphia
Alexis Guevara, 20, in Strawberry Mansion
Paul McKernan, 27, in Overbrook
Damian James, 16, in Point Breeze
Derrick Warren, 34, in King Village
Richard Hull, 30 , in Frankford
Cornell Drewitt, 37, in Juniata Park
Dollie Evans, 67, in Holmesburg
Ruby Thomas, 59, in Holmesburg
Ricardo Nembhard , 30s, in Frankford
Robert Reid, 17, in North Philadelphia
Anthony King, 25, in North Philadelphia
David Guishard, 24, in Frankford
Cinque Tucker, 35, in Southwest Philadelphia


Rafael Rivera, 24, in Olney
Ben Cook, 30, in Cobbs Creek
Isaiah Walker, 28, in North Philadelphia
Maria Peralta, 40, in Juniata Park
Naaire Murray, 17, in North Philadelphia
Nekeisha Eugene, 32, in Queen Village
Megan Doto, 25, in Frankford
Marc Carrion, 32 , in Northeast Philadelphia
Gevanny Fabian, 28, in Juniata Park
Aisha Abdur Rahman, 15, in Logan
Kenneth Woods, 42, in Hunting Park
Rafael Cruz, 30, in Fairhill
Saafir Richards, 19, in Southwark
Jasmine Williams, 25, in East Germantown
Kathryn Barry, 42, in Strawberry Mansion
Harvey Thompson, 52, in Germantown


Rafael Santiago, 41, in Northeast Philadelphia
Christopher Greene, 24, in North Philadelphia
Kyrell Tyler, 23 , in Southwest Philadelphia
Graham A. Speaks , 26, in Southwest Philadelphia
Tyrone Thomas, 50, in North Philadelphia
Dallas Long, 49, in Eastwick
Kiron Clinton, 22, in Hunting Park
Robert Reynolds, 33, in West Philadelphia
Kevin Wayne Parker, 27, in Harrowgate
Alexander Ruiz, 25, in Fairhill
James Palmer, 28 , in West Oak Lane
Ernest Tisdale, 38, in Strawberry Mansion
Rodney Richardson, 28, in North Philadelphia

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