Philadelphia homicides drop sharply in October

With only 16 new victims reported over the 28-day period ending on November 2nd, the homicide rate in Philadelphia plummeted by more than 40 percent from the previous 28 days, according to the latest update from the Philadelphia Police Department.


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Last year, October homicides increased slightly when compared to the previous month, and the same was true in 2012, according to the police department’s annual homicide report.

Average Philadelphia temperatures dropped by about 10 degrees from September to October, according to the National Weather Service, but that was true for the past two years as well.

Looking ahead, November homicide rates have dropped sharply when compared with October in recent years.

Total 2014 Philadelphia homicides are still running close to five percent ahead of last year’s pace, with 220 victims now reported this year to date, according to the police department’s Crime Maps and Stats page.

In recent years, more than 80 percent of Philadelphia homicides have been committed with guns, according to police data

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