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120px-CellPhoneWould you like to share your story or suggestions with the #GunCrisis community?

Record your message at (215) 839-6121 – and we will post the audio here at GunCrisis.org. You can leave your name and number — or keep it anonymous. Let’s solve this problem together.

3 thoughts

  1. Find where these guns are coming from in Philadelphia.No gun shops in my neighborhood. Shut the internet down for illegal gun buys, like they do for sex offenders. Gun violence has to end !! Marching and teddy bears are not the answer.

  2. Get the guns off the streets, also there should be some type of grace period on the manufactoring of handguns, by all manufacturers, that’s the only, only way to do this, and when guns are at an acceptable level then and only than should production begin again, it’s not about how much money a manufacturer makes its shareholders, but saving lives, young black lives.

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