Rhoads’ List

Since beginning last spring, Edward Rhoads of Philadelphia has been compiling a list of those killed with guns in our city, based on information he finds by following media reports, including the Gun Crisis Reporting Project.

Rhoads, a retired professor of Chinese history at the University of Texas at Austin, took on the project at the request of the rector of his wife’s church, the Rev. Jarrett Kerbel of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Chestnut Hill. Each week, Kerbel lights a candle for each gun death in Philly.

In addition to other details, Rhoads also takes note of the names of those lost whenever possible, and a list of those he has been able to name to date is posted below, along with reported ages and the neighborhoods in which the victims were killed.

Even as we prepare to cease daily reporting at GunCrisis.org, we are planning to post the latest update to Rhoads’ spreadsheet each month:

March – October, 2014

You can email corrections or additional information to directly to Rhoads.

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