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  1. I am not sure of what the solution is to end the senseless gun violence in Philadelphia, but it is time for something to be done! My heart floods as I watch news reports day-after-day of people being shot and killed over minor quarrels that escalate to gunfire, hence death. The innocent bystanders and our children’s lives are disregarded, as they are falling victim to these mindless shootings. Furthermore, what upsets me more is that it seems that nothing is being done about it; a victim is shot, the news reports it, suspects are not caught, and then the cycle repeats itself day after day.

    Perhaps the first step to a solution is awareness, if city officials are not going to bring awareness to the gun crisis then we as a community need to come together and bring awareness as well as search for a solution. While, I admit I do not have a solution I can say that I would love to help search for one, and put a end to the ruthless killings and disregard for human life that Philadelphia streets have come all too familiar with. Philadelphia cannot continue moving forward as it is! What does the future of Philadelphia hold if the gun violence is not stopped?

    Concerned Philadelphian,

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