Gun Crisis Insider: Bringing attention to the epidemic of gun violence

After a brutal stretch of gun violence news last week, and another violent weekend, we are enjoying a comparatively quiet period this morning, which is the best news we ever have the opportunity to deliver.

Last Monday, we had to split the staff we had intended to cover Vice President Biden’s gun safety roundtable in Philadelphia in order to cover the courthouse shooting in Wilmington, Delaware, while watching local reports of another child bringing a gun to school and national coverage of the Christopher Dorner manhunt.

Tom Kelly IV was recently honored by the National Press Photographers Association for his work with the the Gun Crisis Reporting Project, including this photograph of a Philadelphia Police helicopter over the scene after two teens were shot to death in the Overbrook section of the city last summer.
This morning, with no reports of new overnight shooting victims in Philadelphia, your editor just spent a little while updating media coverage of the Gun Crisis Reporting Project at